Meet Gran

Gran is my paternal grandmother, who until recently lived with her boyfriend in her house which is about 10 miles away. I have always been close to her, but I am even learning things about her now that her dementia has set in.

Some things to know about Gran:

  • She’s close to her sister Marge, who lives next door.
  • Her long-term memory is strong, but she only remembers new things for about 5 minutes—unless it pisses her off.
  • Gran loves Sudoku and can finish a puzzle in minutes.
  • She’s 83 but I place her current mental age as somewhere between 8-21 years old.
  • Her youngest son was killed in a mill accident in 1999, so only my dad is left to look after her.
  • While she still has her moments, dementia turned her from a sweet, soft-spoken lady to a foul mouthed, middle-finger wielding granny.
  • She has tons of energy. Tons!

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