Flirty Gerty and The Rookie’s Challenge

In some ways dementia reminds me of Benjamin Buttons–the reverting to adolescence or childhood. 

Gran knows she’s 83, only she doesn’t. Why should she? She’s limber and agile and her hormones are in full flare. One time I was backing out of her driveway and she made me hurry up so she could wave at the neighbor guy who was getting the mail. I told her the neighbor guy was like 40 and she told me, “I don’t care.”

So this one day at church she told me she wanted to hug this man who was clear on the other side of the sanctuary and she took off. I don’t know if I expected her to ask for my permission or what–she certainly didn’t intend to–but I was genuinely shocked for a full 30 seconds.

This wasn’t my first run in with one of her run-by- flirtings, but it still surprised me. It’s like every day is a rookie day, and I guess they should be treated as such: know what you’re up against, but even then, anything will happen. 


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