The Toothbrush Tango


I’m out of town this week, so you guys get a short post.

This toothbrush scenario presents a real problem in our house (Gran has claimed several of mine by either using them or taking them home in her purse. “I brought this one over from home!”). I now store my latest toothbrush in a separate case, which is then stashed away in a drawer.

Labeling the toothbrushes might help, but then again probably not. My cousin Cole was watching Gran one day when her youngest daughter Olivia went upstairs to check on Gran because she was taking a long time in the bathroom. Liv found her there, brushing away with her dad Nick’s toothbrush. It seems any available toothbrush may be used.

Now whenever Gran goes to use the bathroom at Cole’s house, Cole will turn to Nick and ask, “Did you put your toothbrush away?” And Nick will fly up the stairs.


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