Mommy Dorsey

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I’m back, folks. I’m experimenting with digital drawing, and while it’s not my best work, it’s more important to share the story. I kind of hate the digital version, but then again, it kind of gives them a unique style. Like an artsy Hallmark card. I can also incorporate some of my own style into them, hence why Gran has purple glasses. My favorite color is purple and I think these lenses make her face pop. I also had a pair of purple glasses that I lost and like to think she stole. In reality she has transparent old lady glasses (sorry to offend those of you who wear these type of glasses).

On to the story! In honor of Mother’s Day this past Sunday, this story is all about mothers. The Mommy Dorsey tales are commonly repeated by Gran. Last week I talked about how Marge had to work all the time. Well, Gran and Marge have always lived side by side and Gran babysat when she worked.


“Marge’d stick a baby in bed with me first thing in the morning.”

“Bump Davis would’ve watched my kids! You didn’t have to watch them!”

“Rob and Dru were close! They know they’re cousins now.”

This is at least the 150,000th time I’ve heard this. I try to referee. “Guys, it’s like 8:00 in the morning, and this happened at least 60 years ago. Let’s talk about—-”

“Dutch said ‘if she has one more kid, you’re not watching it.'” (She did, and Gran did.)

“Alright, who’s been to Florida!? Anybody?” I ask anxiously.

“But she wouldn’t quit having babies, so I couldn’t get a job.”


So like Gran’s stories, this has been repeated numerous times this week on social media, but Happy Mother’s Day to all the types of mothers out there: aunt moms, sister moms, moms of adoptees, dad’s who mother, teachers who mother, and anyone who takes care of a child. In fact, I’m nominating myself as a mother this year since I am now Gran’s mom.




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  1. I love when Gran says that Rob and Dru know they’re cousins now!! It’s all I can do to not throw myself on the floor, rolling with laughter!!!!


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