Honey, It’s Cold Outside

Honey I'm ColdHoney I'm Cold 2Honey I'm Cold 3Honey I'm Cold 6Honey I'm Cold 5

I debated whether or not to include this last frame, but I finally decided to because this is what dementia is: coping with behavior that is unlike anything the person would have done before the onset of the disease.  That and having my grandmother flash her underwear at me is one of the funniest things I’ve witnessed in a long time.

For whatever reason, Gran is always cold now. Part of this is she’s unaware of what month it is, and the other reason is that old habits die hard—she stays true to her 70’s sleepwear.

This habit is ok. The familiarity of her clothes comforts her, but of course the outfit itself isn’t practical. All in all, it’s still important to establish familiarity and  keep a routine for people with dementia. And if you haven’t seen it yet on social media, check out this Dutch village where every resident has dementia. The houses resemble the architecture from 50s and 70s, keeping in line with the familiarity that these residents need.

Even after doing all of this, your loved one may still moon you, or they may do something even worse. Be prepared….mentally that is.




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  1. Omg Lindsay! You captured Gran’s expression perfectly on that next to last picture! Well all of them but that one takes the cake and I could have predicted the outcome!!!! Lmao!!!! Love to all!!!

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