See Jack Learn New Words

This is JackThis is Jack 2This is Jack 3

Jack is my cousin Cole’s fourth baby, and Gran’s 9th grandbaby out of 10. She loves babies. She spots them across the way at family parties and reaches out to them. When my cousins come over, Gran wants to be right with the baby.

“Who’s baby is this!?! Lindsay, is this your baby?”

“Is anyone watching this baby?”

“Give me that baby! I want my picture taken with that baby!”

Babies are cute, especially ones like Jack, but dementia is an ugly, unforgivable disease. It makes Gran swear. A lot. It also makes Gran forget that she swears and totally unaware that she’s doing it.

Dementia also makes a person lose their sense of purpose. However, doll therapy can help them feel like they have someone to care for. Someone who needs them. As with anything, there are pros and cons to doll therapy and you can read about them here.

Gran isn’t ready for dolls yet, since she’d know the difference between the real thing and the plastic knockoff. For now, we’ll allow her the company of Jack; under our supervision of course.


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