Artificial A$$holes

Artificial AssholesArtificialAssholes2ArtificialAssholes3ArtificialAssholes4

This isn’t really a post about dementia, but rather, dementia’s response to perfectly good television.

I’ve never been a huge fan of The Muppets other than A Muppet Christmas Carol, but I enjoyed ABC’s The Muppets. It was witty and invited a whole new generation to enjoy muppets. Basically, it was The Muppets meets The Office, which is what many of us wanted. Unfortunately, ABC canceled the show before it had a chance to launch.  Perhaps it will be better suited for a run on Netflix, where viewers can watch at their leisure.

Another reason this show was my go-to was because it aired on Tuesday nights when I would granny sit at my grandmother’s house. There, Netflix is unheard of, but cable is thriving. It gave me something to distract me while the hours slowly ticked by.

Anyway,  one time I was watching the show while Gran was puzzling, and she made an about-face to tell me just what she thought of The Muppets and their lack of authenticity. Sadly, she must have had some premonition about the sitcom’s fate.


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