Granny’s Got Game


My dad owns a local tavern, and the other day, while my boyfriend and I were waiting on The Queen of Hearts drawing, I convinced him to play some pool with me. Shortly into the game, I wandered away from the table, and grabbed my grandmother and coaxed her into playing.

“I haven’t played pool in ages.”

“So? You’re better than Michael and me combined.”

It was true. After I hit the 8 ball in a pocket on the first play, I handed my cue stick to Gran to play for fun. She tried hitting everything, and eventually, after it finally stuck that she was aiming for striped ball, she cleared the table.

It was a great moment. As as a child,I grew up with pool because Gran had one in her basement and she would always have pool parties for her brothers and cousins. My grandfather on my mother’s side would come over to play and it was a recurring event for years.

Those days are now over, yet a tiny fragment remains. She may have lost her memory, but it’s nice to see she hasn’t lost her game.



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